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Mexican Crazy Lace Agate Polished Rock slab 49

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Mexican Crazy Lace agate has been one of the most popular long time favorites of the rockhound and lapidary artist.  Known for its amazingly intricate and detailed lacey patterns of various hues, with red being the most common color, it has been a staple of rock hobbyist for over 60 years.  Long considered to be one of the more abundant types of Mexican agate, it has become increasingly difficult to find high quality material in recent years.  It is a hard agate material that takes a superior polish and makes great finished pieces.  Definitely  a "keystone" material for any collection.

Origin:  Mexico

Dimensions:  13" x 5" and approximately 7 mm thick .  Weight = 575 g. 

Shown polished.  This is a finished display specimen that may include minor flaws, however, they do not affect the integrity of the piece.

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