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Biggs Jasper Rock slab 29

  • 15000

 Biggs jasper is considered to be one of the world’s premium jaspers owing to its extremely fine grain and hardness. Fantastic rolling landscape “scenes” make it a highly desirable type to add to the collection. Now considered to be an “extinct” variety, as the deposit is no longer being mined, the material is becoming very hard to find. Known for its red/brown pattern, the material occasionally exhibits its famous blue/gray color, which is highly desirable in a rare specimen collection.

Origin:  Oregon, US

Dimensions: 3.25" x 3" and approximately 9.9 mm thick on the right side tapering to 6.2 on the left.  Weight = 135 grams. 

Shown dry.  Polished.  May contain minor flaws which do not affect the integrity of the piece.

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