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Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals by Patti Polk

Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals by Patti Polk

  • 2000

A signed copy of Patti Polk's reference book.  She is recognized as one of the top agate collectors in the world (as noted in the highly respected reference book Agates III by Johann Zenz)  She is a contributor to Rock and Gems magazine as well as numerous other periodicals; she speaks at club programs and serves as a trail guide for visitors to Arizona.

Easy to use and lavishly illustrated (800 photographs), this new and completely revised and expanded edition of Collecting Rocks, Gems, and Minerals is designed with beginners in mind, yet filled with valuable technical information for seasoned collectors.  This guide takes you from being simply someone who enjoys rocks to a knowledgeable enthusiast in no time and features: easy to use, quick reference format arranged by category and color of stone; values and tips for locating, buying and collecting; both lapidary and mineral display materials; decades of rock-collecting know-how of the author.