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Dumortierite Rock Slab 49

  • 1495

Dumortierite is called the "blue denim stone." It is named for a French paleontologist, Eugène Dumortier, who discovered it in 1881 in the Rhône-Alps region of France.   Its full name is “blue dumortierite quartz” – quartz referring to crystals composed of silica. It is found in numerous countries.  Dumortierite is fairly hard (Mohs scale 7) and will take a nice polish. It is sometimes mistaken for sodalite and lapis lazuli. Because of the perceived similarity, dumortierite is often used as a cost-saving substitute for lapis which costs two to three times as much.

Origin:  Unknown

Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.25" and approximately 5.4 mm thick.  Weight = 61 grams. 

Shown wet.  Not polished. Known flaws are shown as white lines in the final picture frame.

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