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Faultline Wonderstone Rock slab 39

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Faultline Wonderstone from Utah displays a contrasting patterns of mahogany and light brown/lavender with a slate gray center.  A very unusual lapidary material showing an earthquake captured in stone.  The faulted rhyolite shows slip fault displacement.  There is no "flaw" where the two sides meet as the fault has "healed", showing a beautiful representation of an active fault that has been preserved in stone.  Material is a very fine-grained, hard rhyolite that cuts some spectacular cabs.  An excellent addition to any collection.

Origin:  Utah, US

Dimensions:  3 x 1.5" and approximately 7.2 mm thick.  Weight = 54 grams.

Not polished.  Shown wet.  Flaws are shown as white lines in the final picture frame.

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