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Fire Ledge Jasper Slab 87

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An ambitious group of rock miners recently revisited the Fire Ledge collecting site near Fallon, Nevada and brought some fabulous material back to the lapidary market.  The jasper deposit is located in the area of the Dead Ringer and Mescalero claims. Patterned similar to Mimbres from Mexico, or Apache Canyon from New Mexico it features striking red/maroon dendrites on a backdrop of pink and gold. It produces outstanding scenic cabs and takes a beautiful polish.  The site is due to be closed down soon, because of the military presence in the area, so grab some while you can.

Origin:  Nevada

Dimensions:  5" x 1.5" and approximately 7.7 mm thick.  Weight = 78 grams. 

Shown wet.  Not polished.  Known flaws are shown as white lines in the final picture frame.  

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