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Pietra Paesina Rock Slab 01

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Pietra Paesina , “landscape stone”, comes from a limestone deposit thought to be about 50 million years old in the Northern Appenines, more specifically around the Florence, Italy hills.  It is composed of limestone and the petrified remains of marine life.  Often described as a painted panorama the blues, grays, and browns represent sky or sea and the brown petrified remains become village ruins or shores, cliffs and caves.  Renaissance artists used the stone for furniture inlays and often referred to it as Florentine Marble.  It is a highly sought after and collectible stone and although it is soft it will polish to a satin luster finish.

Origin:  Italy

Dimensions:  3.5" x 1.5" and approximately 5.3 mm thick.  Weight = 56 grams.

Shown dry.  Polished.  No known flaws.

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