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Pink Lady Plume Agate Rock Slab 02

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Out in the Owyhee Desert near the Graveyard Point and Feather Ridge Plume agate mines a new find produces a fabulous agate that blends the attributes of the two highly appraised plume agates. Pink Lady showcases plumes characteristic of Graveyard Point in the very desirable colors of Feather Ridge material.  The masses of feathery plumes range in intensity from pastel pink to vibrant cherry.  Quanities are very limited and each piece is unique and will make either beautiful collector slabs or amazing cabbing material.

Origin:  Oregon

Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.75" and approximately 6.1 mm thick.  Weight = 116 grams. 

Shown wet.  Not polished.  Flaws are shown as white lines in the final picture frame.

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