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Priday Plume Agate Rock slab 56

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Priday Plume agate has long been a premium plume agate that comes from “eggs” (nodules) of agate located in deposits in Oregon. It is noted for its bright filamentous plumes as well as occasional “fan plumes” that are truly spectacular. The nodules are normally rather small so they do not yield large volumes of material, but the intricate, bright patterns more than offset what they are lacking for in size. It comes in a wide variety of colors, but tend to lean towards the reds and browns. Definitely a “must have” for any serious collector!!

Origin:  Oregon, US

Dimensions:  3.5" x 2.5" and is approximately 11.7 mm thick on the right side tapering to 7.7 on the left.  Weight = 119 g. 

Not polished.  Shown wet.  Flaws are shown as white lines in the final picture frame.

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