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Trent Agate Rock Slab 01

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Trent Agate is a very unusual and hard to find agate.  Discovered in a railroad cut at Trent, Oregon in the sixties it was dug for a short time until the mine closed in the early seventies due to an accident. It has since  been covered over with a freeway and the only pieces available come from old collections.  What makes it most striking are the sagenite sprays of Stibnite, which alters to yellow Orpiment or red Realgar  and the Black oxidized Realgar needles all displayed in a opaque agate (and very rarely blue agate) with with yellow and rust colored splashes.  This is one of the hard to find collector's specimens.

Origin: Oregon

Dimensions:  6" x 3.5" and 5.5 mm thick.  Weight = 172 grams. 

Shown polished,  both frontlit and backlit. This is a finished display specimen that may include minor flaws, however, they do not affect the integrity of the piece.


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