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Found in Quartzite - Royal Imperial Showpiece

Posted by Terry Diede on

Although shorter than usual, our winter rock ventures in Arizona proved to be very productive.  There were plenty of treasures to be found but the “Queen Jewel” was this spectacular 77 pound museum quality Royal Imperial Nodule. 

 Our cache also includes a great variety of agate and jasper including both new to the market and old collection pieces.  We look forward to cutting these, once we get a few saw issues worked out, and getting them into the store.  Watch for Bullion Mountain Plume, Whiskey Creek, Bella Vista Plume, Midnight Inferno, Amazon Basin Valley Agate, Arizona Blue Chrysocolla, Confetti Agate, Iranian Plume Agate and Variscite as well as Fire Agate, just to name a few.


Grandparenting duties will take us to Marblehead, MA in February so please pardon the slight delay in making these available. 

 We also did take a bit of time to explore the beautiful desert with friends from Montana.                        


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